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Prior to beginning the process it is highly recommended that every applicant contact:

Ron Basini
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Application Flow Process:

Experience has shown us that the form and content of the application is crucial to getting your company in front of our investors, as well as banks and other state and federal lending organizations.

The Application Flow Process below is divided into two sections:

Section One consists of a list of questions that should be addressed and answered in:

  1. your Application,
  2. your Executive Summary, and
  3. your full Business Plan

Note: Please include as much factual information the support your statements and conclusions as possible within the space available.  For instance, many summaries simply make subjective statements about the size of a market without accompanying facts about the number of buyers in the company’s specific target market they plan to pursue and the size of the sales in the target markets they are pursuing.  Most summaries and business plans are not expansive enough to clearly explain how the company plans to enter the market and the marketing and sales strategy that will produce the sales they need to fulfil their sales and profit projections.

Section Two consists of a list of fifteen topics or chapters that typically form the basis for the flow and content of both the Executive Summary and the Business Plan.

Note: the Executive Summary should be no more than five pages plus summaries of your pro-forma sales and cost projections and Income Statement for three years

The full Business Plan will include all the detailed technical information, extensive market information, patents, and related materials. The first step is to send your Executive Summary with your Application. You will be notified if the full Business Plan and additional information is needed.

We know this is a difficult task, but this process will focus your thinking and prepare you in case you are invited to present your company to our investment group.

The material in both sections is provided as a guide and framework to help you develop the most compelling story possible, while providing the answers to specific questions investors need to have from an investment perspective

Submission Content [available in Microsoft Word [.doc] and Adobe Acrobat [.pdf]]

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